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The cornerstone of our operation is the Redbird FMX full motion simulator.

A very sophisticated and technologically advanced device, our Redbird is a tool like no other available to the flying enthusiast in this area.

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Nebraska Flight Center is the sponsor of the LiveATC feed of the Omaha Eppley ATC signal


We are an official FAA Testing Center for all FAA Knowledge Tests, including the sUAS Part 107 Drone Pilot Test.

Click HERE for information, if you are a certificated pilot with a current flight review and want to get a Drone License.

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How much is the aircraft rental?

Both our airplanes cost $110.°° per hour, when rented by the hour.

Block time can be purchased in advance:

$1,000°° for a block of 10 hours

These prices include fuel.

These prices do not include instructor.

How much is the simulator?

The use of the Redbird FMX costs $60°° per hour, when paid by the hour.

Blocks of 10 hours can be purchased in advance, at $500°° each 10 hour block.

These prices do not include instructor.

How much are the services of an Instructor?

Instruction is charged at $45°° per hour.

This rate applies to flight instruction, as well as instruction on the ground or in the simulator.



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(Part 107 sUAS Pilot)
Information Page

What People Say About Us...

Simulator Review by Bertil Aagesen

... As an instructor with Private Pilot and Instrument Rating students, not only would I recommend your facility, I would run them down there as fast as I could!

... The visuals are far better than I have experienced in my professional pilot career, flying simulators for the B727, B777, B757 and B767. The focus and contrast of the outside are far better! ...

... It is very impressive that turbulence, rain, snow, IMC, traffic and such can be introduced just like in the simulators the airline companies employ in their training. The motion in your RedBird simulator is no less capable than simulators costing millions and millions of dollars ...

For the Instrument Rating training, I can think of no better tool for basic attitude instrument flight, basic navigation, holding patterns and approaches...

... You in fact have the perfect training tool in your office ...


Bertil Aagesen

CFII ASEL, AMEL, Instrument Airplane, Rotorcraft-Helicopter, Glider
ATP ASMEL, CE-500, B757, B767 and B777

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David S, former student

NFC will invest in your future as a pilot and as an individual.

I can't thank David Silchman enough for the experience he gave me, and NFC is the only place I recommend to anyone that is interested in becoming a pilot.

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