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David J Silchman, Founder & CEO

David holds Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic,  Advanced Ground Instructor, Instrument Ground Instructor, and sUAS (Commercial Drone) Certificates.

Founded the Nebraska Flight Center in 2003 out of the North Omaha Airport, soon moved to the Blair Municipal Airport where operations were conducted from a “portable office” since no other buildings were available. At the end of 2007 the NFC had to interrupt activities, and re-started by early 2014, this time from the TAC Air facilities at Eppley Airfield.

David dreamed of flying since he was a little boy and finally in the 1990s got his wish and enrolled in the Cochise Community College flight school in southeastern Arizona, where he earned his Private Pilot’s Certificate. After moving to Omaha, David passed the IFR checkride after expert instruction from Jenn McIntyre at the then Omaha Flight Center, here at Eppley. The next step was to earn Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Certificates after two years at Iowa Western Community College.



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Robert V Meder, Chief Flight Instructor

Robert is a CFII with single, multi-engine and instrument privileges, and holds also an sUAS certificate.

Bob has been with the Nebraska Flight Center since the beginning, when we were at 3NO (North Omaha Airport).

Among his many accomplishments, he was named the St. Louis FSDO 2009 CFI of the year, the Lincoln 2010 FSDO CFI of the year, and the 2010 Central Region CFI of the Year.

Bob is a published writer with contributions to several aviation magazines. He regularly and frequently writes articles for Mentor and eMentor magazines. He has been a check airman for a Part 141 operation, an active FAASTeam Lead Rep and is active in volunteer activities at EAA AirVenture each year.

Bob serves as the Chairman of the board of the National Association of Flight Instructors and is also an operating department manager with one of the largest railroads in the United States. Bob is a multi-faceted aviation professional who is highly respected locally as well as nationally.


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James Kokesh, CFII

James joined our team in early 2015, with his CFI certificate still very fresh.

This is how he describes his involvement in aviation, in his own words:

My interest in aviation started at a young age.
In 2004 I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a degree in aviation administration.
In November 2009 I earned my Commercial Pilot certificate, and I flew for fun until I received my Certified Flight Instructor’s certificate in January 2015.
In addition to learning the many challenging aspects of my new role as a Flight Instructor, my future plans in aviation are to earn my Certified Flight Instructor Instrument rating (CFII) and, in time, my multi-engine rating.”

James has already earned his CFII rating, in October 2017, and is currently working on his Multi-Engine rating.