Our Aircraft

Piper Cherokee - N1523J

 Piper PA-28-140 - N1523J

A 1967 Cherokee 140, VFR & IFR equipped.
One of the most popular training aircraft ever built, Piper Cherokees have introduced countless pilots to the joys of flight. Simple systems, low wing configuration, modern appearance, and benign handling make it a favorite among flight instructors and flight students.

Either Aircraft:

  • Rental rate per hour: $110.00
  • Ten Hour Block Time: $1,000.00 
    These do not include instructor, which is $45/hour


Private Pilot Certificate minimum.

Current Third Class Medical, minimum.

Current Flight Review.

Check-out with one of our instructors, for each aircraft, completed every two years.

Rental Agreement  & Pilot Information Form must be completed and signed.

Optional Renter's Insurance.


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140726-right-4Cessna 172 - N8876B

A classic Cessna 172, simply equipped for fun VFR flying.

This straight tail beauty is a Cessna 172 (no letter after the model), beautifully restored by a non-profit organization, and raffled. Delivered to the lucky raffle winner in July 2014, it was promptly outfitted with shoulder harnesses and a 4 place intercom.

Available for rental and primary instruction