Redbird FMX

Full Motion Advanced Aviation Training Device AATD


Available to pilots and student pilots. Our Redbird FMX is a great tool to accelerate training, regain currency and proficiency, or refine your skills in emergency situations.

Our Redbird FMX simulates a Cessna 172 SP, either with a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit (pictured), or a conventional “Six-Pack” analog instrument panel. Ideal for student pilot familiarization with both types of aircraft instrument panels, at a fraction of the cost if done on an airplane.



Since the Redbird FMX is a full motion device, we had to build an enclosure to prevent mishaps. The yaw motion is simulated by swinging the entire device left and right 45° in either direction.

Advanced Aviation Training Device

At the Nebraska Flight Center we take pride in using the best practices and advanced technology to improve instruction, accelerate training, and reduce costs. The Redbird FMX is the cornerstone of this effort.

The AATD allows us to simulate any weather condition, at any time of day, anywhere in the world. This freedom permits our instructors to provide any type of training in a safe environment, improving the pilot’s performance in the air.

We have integrated the simulator in all level of training. In primary and commercial training, we are able to practice maneuvers before executing them in the air. This reduces the cost of flight training and improves safety.

Instrument training is where the simulator shines. We have found that instrument students gain confidence in their reliance on the instruments, gain proficiency in procedures, and learn to overcome vertigo before ever entering actual IMC. This reduces the cost of earning the rating, and improves safety in one of the most challenging aviation environments.