Drone Pilot Info

Drone Pilot

Part 107 sUAS Pilot

Basic Information on how to get the Drone License

Step 1: Study and prepare for the Knowledge Test

(see links below for free information and test material)



FAA Drone Site






CATS Drone Site

Step 2: Additional recommended study aids:

  • Buy or get a Sectional Chart
  • Get $5 Test Prep App for your smart phone or tablet: iOS or Android

Step 3 : Register to take the Knowledge Test

  • AOPA or EAA Members get $10 off
  • You can get a free 6 month AOPA membership by clicking HERE
  • With your AOPA or EAA membership number, register HERE
  • We are the only CATS testing center in the Omaha area

Step 4: After you pass the test:

  • Go to the FAA IACRA website
  • Follow the instructions
  • Once the process is completed, you will be allowed to print your temporary certificate
  • It might take a few hours or a day or two
  • Your permanent certificate will arrive by mail in a few weeks

If you have an FAA Sport, Recreational, Private, Commercial of ATP Pilot Certificate, you might not have to take the test.

Click HERE for more information